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I just wanted to share this. I trully adore this man.
Best Things About Being Blind [x]

What a cool dude

God bless this man. You’re awesome.

Dump the toxic people out of your life. Get them gone. Kick them to the curb. Stop maintaining relationships with people that make you feel guilty about things that you like, that make you feel shitty about yourself, that put you down, that don’t fucking support you, that are mean. You just get those people and shove them out of your life. Delete them off of Facebook, break it down easily. Just kind of fizzle out with the contact. Let it be like almost as if it might be growing apart. Just get rid of those people, because instead of just maintaining these “relationships” with people for the sake of just being polite or civil, you can be civil without having people that you can’t stand in your life and you’ll be so much happier. You need to stop maintaining relationships with toxic people because it’s just not good for you and it’s not worth any of your time.

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I’m really curious about what the distribution of tumblr users looks like worldwide…

Australasia  Central America  North America  South America  Africa  Asia  (Antarctica???)


A lot of people think rats are disgusting vermin and are appalled by the idea of keeping them as pets. 

I don’t think any of them have seen this video, though!!! Watch and be amazed.

In addition to being insanely smart, as you can clearly see here, they are also really affectionate, social little loveballs! 

Spread the cute and change some hearts and minds :) 






I’ve never wanted a piece of jewelry more

tristensierra needs these.


Anna Beloziorova


Anna Beloziorova